Kacel: Reviewed for Quiz, homework is to study for quiz on North Africa!!

Vance:  catch up on any HW videos:  www.educreations.com/sr/15daf5
no other homework

Trombly:  “Seedfolks” - Virgil chapter and questions; ;
  • Vocabulary quiz - Unit 5.1 on Friday (1/11)

  • Grade sheet with parent/guardian signature due on Friday (1/11)
  • Lunch with us to make up missing work/complete interactive notebooks- tomorrow (1/10) and next Tuesday (1/15).  After school ONLY if previous arrangements are made.
  • End of 2nd marking period/1st semester is next Friday (1/18)
  • "Seedfolks" test on Friday (1/25)
Quinn:  Physical and Chemical Changes reading, Reading guide homework if not finished in class

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