Kacel: Special Mission in class, Chapter 2, Section 2 due Wednesday, Nov. 28

Vance: HW video:  www.educreations.com/sr/15daf5 dated for 11/27/12
AND www.socrative.com test review, room # 55844 (this is an experiment to see if you can access this from home)
Unit Test this Wed. 11/28/12

Trombly:  Vocabulary Unit 3.3 - Quiz Friday (11/30); Presentations; Ana chapter

Quinn:  Watched a Bill Nye Sound video and took notes on Sound Concepts.  Test Friday over Sound and Light.  All students have a "rainbow" packet of notes and AIMs 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 and 20 from which to study.  Review will be done in class on Wednesday.  


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